Louise Treherne

 I attract clients who are looking to work with someone who is: 

  • approachable 

  • calm

  • supportive

  • patient  

"I found Louise to be highly professional and I looked forward to our sessions as each proved to be beneficial to me in highlighting themes and courses of action to take to point me in the direction of achieving my goals.
I would absolutely recommend her skills and can vouch for their efficacy.
I have come away from our sessions with mental tools and points of reference that have already greatly assisted me. I would certainly recommend Louise. Her manner is calm and approachable, lending itself very well to the life-coaching process."      Lucy - coaching client 

"I can't stress enough how grateful I am for the help that Louise has given me. I went into life-coaching expecting little in the way of results, but quickly had to revise my opinion! I've already recommended Louise to members of my family. The issues I initially approached Louise with have been almost entirely solved. As a result, my confidence has been increased, and I have changed some of my relationships (both work and personal) for the better because of this.
I also feel I have a more clearly laid out path ahead of me, as a result of the coaching, so I feel happier in general."       
Tom - coaching client

"Louise has a very professional and friendly approach. She is a wonderful listener and very easy to talk to. Throughout our sessions she was so patient and supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience and would highly recommend Louise. I decided to try coaching at a time when I was struggling with confidence at work. It had been getting me down for a while and a friend recommended coaching. It enabled me to see things differently and consider issues from another perspective. Louise encouraged me to challenge some of the beliefs that were holding me back and helped me put in place a practical plan to overcome them. I have learnt so much about myself over the course of our sessions; I have come away with increased confidence, resilience, self-belief and am much happier as a result!"      Charlotte - coaching client